Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your Computer and Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke will damage a computer. It is best to think of the computer tower as a lung, taking in the dust, debris, smoke and other particles in our environments. The computer takes in the same air as we breathe in our own homes. Normally the dust in a computer of a non-smokers household is a dusty grey color. In a smokers household the inside of a computer will appear quite different. Externally and internally there will be staining. There will also be a different color build up, this is from nicotine. 

It will be a brown to a dark brown in color. It will be sticky and may even appear to be moist. It will gunk up the entire computer. Making anything that is being sucked into the computer to build up. This makes the computer not have the air flow it needs, fan blades are coated and build up can be uneven causing the fans to not run as effectively. 

It also blankets the entire inside of the computer making it impossible for the cooling system to work properly. This then leads to hardware failure, costly repairs, and possibly the death to the computer. 

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